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Pastiche 12 x 12 IOD Stamp


Pastiche 12 x 12 IOD Stamp

Spring IOD 2024 Collection

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Pastiche 12 x 12 IOD Stamp

Spring IOD 2024 Collection

Where do you find a meeting of the quaint charm of cloches and cages and the quirky world of bugs and other critters? Meet the Iron Orchid Designs Patische Stamp Set. I love how IOD explains the theme of this two-page stamp set, “one of the themes of this release is academia (can you tell?!), a theme we’ve absolutely fallen for, evoking daydreams of tranquil, cozy book nooks in beautiful botanical spaces.”


The IOD sisters each have their own unique style, and I love them both. IOD says, “the birdcages were the starting point for this two-page stamp set when Sally came across some beautiful, washed-back birdcages encapsulating beautiful floral elements.”  


Iron Orchid Designs took great care crafting the bars and cloches to ensure they enhance your designs without overshadowing them. The bars allow you to stamp over your chosen elements seamlessly, while the cloches, with their reduced shadowing. This allows you to clearly showcase whatever you place inside. 


Envision this stamp set in your mixed media projects, pairing perfectly with our Kindest Regards, Le Courrier, or Butterfly Stamps, as well as Millot’s Pages or Brocante Transfers. With gorgeous layering and intricate compositions the creative possibilities are endless with the Pastiche IOD Stamp Set. 


A little insider tip: The pointy stand above the bird is upside down – flip it, and it becomes the perfect perch for pinned beetles, butterflies, or moths. Add even more dimension and pair your design with the IOD Butterfly or Specimens Moulds. This will add even more eye-catching three-dimensional effects.


What will you put inside your cloches and cages!? We can’t wait to see your incredible ideas come to life!

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Dimensions 12 × 13 × 0.25 in


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