About us

The Vintage Charm Homestead is our little piece of heaven right here in Illinois.The homestead is packed with gardens, using organic and permaculture techniques. We wanted to fill the place with life from the ground on up, creating a synergistic haven. We are just a small apiary but the bees couldn’t have been a more perfect addition when we started four years ago. Our honey is 100% pure, raw, and strained only once.The honey is produced and harvested right here on the homestead. Our goal is to maintain the colonies with the most natural approach without sacrificing the health and well being of the bees. We know the benefits of our bees goes way beyond the honey they produce. That is why the honey is consciously harvested, always making sure they have enough to get them through the winter and, each glass bottle, never plastic, is filled with care for you and your family to enjoy.
In addition to our honey, we sell other items from the homestead, from up-cycled refurbished furniture to handmade soaps and other products from the hive. We also have a yarn basket with hand crocheted items every homesteader should have. Thank you for stopping by. We love to share our homesteading journey with others!