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Clear Autentico Furniture Wax 250 ml


Autentico furniture waxes are produced to an old Dutch recipe containing beeswax and carnauba wax, providing decorative protection to furniture. Our range of furniture wax consists of 16 colours from traditional waxes, metallic pigments and extra chalk for depth of colour. Try with a variety of Autentico Vintage furniture paint colours for truly unique finishes, or simply over bare wood for added protection.

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Product Description:
Autentico® Waxes are produced to an old Dutch recipe and contain pure bees and
carnauba wax, providing decorative protection to furniture. Apply over Autentico vintage
furniture paint or over bare wood for a natural effect.
Interior Furniture. Creative Techniques.
Suggested Applications:
Wooden interior furniture.
Ensure the surface is clean and dry before application. Can be applied directly on to both
painted and unpainted surfaces.
Apply thinly with a wax brush or a lint -free cloth to the surface covering the required area.
Air dry before buffing with a clean lint-free cloth. Repeat the process for a high-shine finish
and extra durability.
Drying Times:
Apply second coat of wax straight after you have buffed the first coat off. Leave to cure for
48 hours before using.
Autentico® The Charm of Chalk – Autentico Vintage – 31.5.17 Page 2 of 3
Coverage Rates:
Covers approximately 6 m2 per 370ml tin, depending on surface profile and porosity.
Autentico® Waxes are available is 250ml & 500 ml. Clear and dark waxes available in 5kg.
Colour Range:
Available in Clear, Dark Brown, Light Brown, White, Grey, Taupe, Anthracite, Amber, Black,
Sparkling Gold, Old Silver, Sparkling Bronze, Sparkling Copper, Antique Rose, Dried Moss
and Swedish Blue.
All Autentico waxes should not be stored in high temperatures.
Keep in a cool dry place. Away from risk of frost.
Cleaning and Disposal:
Remove excess from wax brushes. Wrap with cling film so it doesn’t dry out. Do not
dispose of excess wax in drains and water courses.
Health and Safety:
Contains turpentine oil, may produce an allergic reaction. Wear gloves and safety goggles
to protect skin and eyes from irritation. In contact with eyes, rinse immediately with warm
water with eye lids open for at least 10 minutes. Keep out of reach of children. Safety data
sheet available upon request.
Complimentary products:
Autentico® Crackle Glaze and Craquelure for finishes and special effects.

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